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We are not great believers in reactive services. If at all possible, we prefer to prevent problems rather than solve them. This is why we offer you a number of practical services aimed at sharing knowledge. 


Why consumers looking for SMART PHONE?

Like all other countries of the world, smartphone use in Bangladesh is on the rise. Smartphones are the hottest gadgets these days used by people of all ages and gender for their advanced features and functionality. People are always looking to buy smartphones in Bangladesh that are not only beautifully designed but sleek with new features and improvements over the existing models in the market. People can use this small device to browse the internet, take photos, record videos, play games, watch movies, and do all other things for fun and entertainment. There are also many interesting apps found in smartphones to do shopping, play music, and more. Factors contributing to the growth in this sector, including the provision of low-cost, high-speed 3G & 4G internet services throughout the country, monthly installment plans provided by banks to encourage people to buy phones, and various discounts and offers given by different companies to increase sales. Smartphone means the opportunity to explore knowledge with one click.


Opportunity and prospect of LPG market

LPG is used widely for domestic and industrial applications in developed countries; the price may or may not be subsidized depending on supply economics, costs, and Government policies. LPG is also widely used as feedstock in major petrochemical manufacturing facilities and (Butane) as a gasoline blending component. Bangladesh is amongst a handful of countries in the world that provide natural gas connections to its residential areas. In the midst of this situation, we are running out of our natural gas reserves. In 2013, Platt’s Energy estimated that our reserves would be exhausted within the next decade, given that no new gas fields are discovered. The government has learned to understand this reality, thus promoting the use of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) as an alternative to natural gas for residential users. The demand of LPG increasing day by day, Current demand for LPG in Bangladesh is 150,000 MT per year. Demand in 2020 is 500,000 MT.


Crab market in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a large coastal belt which supports the livelihood of millions of people through fishing and aquaculture related activities. Among the valuable coastal aquatic product shrimp is on the top list but shrimp has caused a grave impact on the environment and socio-economic condition. The impact of shrimp is making millions livelihood vulnerable which has no sustainable alternative.
The mud crab (Scylla sp.) trade, a high-value export fishery involving nearly 23 countries in the world, with high demand in Malaysia, Singapore & Taiwan. Mud crab has been expanding because of the high economic value of the species and their potential as an export commodity. China, USA, Japan, Korea and Thailand are ranked as the top 5 biggest consumers of crab. Female crabs especially are playing an important role, particularly in Asian countries. There is a growing market for mud crab meat as a value-added product and for frozen soft-shelled mud crab in the USA.


Tilapia fish market in Bangladesh

The most important food crops for the 160 mn people of Bangladesh are rice and fish. Fish play an important role among the population for providing protein, essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Fish account for about 70% of the animal protein intake with annual fish consumption of about 14 kg per person (ADB). Bangladesh is considered one of the most suitable countries in the world for freshwater aquaculture, because of its favorable agro-climatic conditions. According to the Bangladesh Fish Research Institute, the country has now 6,500 commercial farms that produce over 0.15 mn tons of tilapia fish. There is a huge market in Bangladesh as the good source of Tilapia fish. If any company takes step towards exporting processed Tilapia, there is a great future of earning foreign revenue.


Diaper market in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the middle class is expanding, the number of women and infants are increasing, public health consciousness continuous strengthening and purchasing power is gradually improving, which in turn will help the country to achieve a relatively high level of economic development. When the time comes, household paper and hygiene products will transform from being “luxury” items in the home into “necessities”. The major driving force of baby diapers market includes multinational companies’ market cultivation, advertising campaigns and the steady decrease of the illiteracy rate in the country. However, there are a lot of challenges in introducing baby diapers products in the market, which are primarily related to the consumption capacity and culture of the local consumers.


Industrial Gases & Electrode market

Rise in population and industrialization in Bangladesh is the driver of the major growth in industrial gases market. Growth in associated industries such as transportation, food and beverages, health, metal fabrication and chemical manufacturing are some of the other drivers for the industrial gases market. Our Industrial growth for recent years has been appreciated by World Bank and many others. Industrial, manufacturing and construction sectors‟ share in our GDP growth rate is near around 30%. For Industrial Gases and Electrode (plant or trade) business is connected with the industrial development. Since Bangladesh is a developing country and the industrialization progress is in high level. Considering the study findings there is a profitable business opportunity in this sector.

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Customer perception and demand: LPG

LPG has higher heating value, to make it very efficient in household cooking. It is a perfect fuel as the replacement for any other conventional fuel including natural gas, kerosene etc. Report based on a survey of 2100 people, among them consumers, distributors, and retailers of LPG products and their market competitors/substitutes, conducted by QUERY on the LPG Industry in Bangladesh. Research has shown that Households are the biggest market players. Households use 12 kg cylinders and should be given the greatest focus, as their LPG consumption will be a major factor in any products market impact. Advertisement, relatives, retailer & dealer shops are the main source of awareness. While purchase customer considers accurate weight, pressure, safety, and availability. 84.06% thinks that LP gas price high, 64.55% using the same brand and 77.37% don't know about the safety issue.


Customer requirement : purchasing a motor cycle 

Motorbike sales soared nearly 50 percent year-on-year to 3.60 lakh units in 2017 due to a huge cut in supplementary duty on import of the two-wheeler's components. Also, Political stability and app-based ride-sharing service have also contributed to the sales growth. This is not surprising since Bangladesh is elevated its status from a low to the middle-income nation. The burgeoning upper middle-class segment, coupled with the existing young and dynamic labor force, is driving the shift in demand and choice. FnF (Friends & Family), Bikers, Dealer shop, TV are the major sources of information, besides that Retail shop, popular on road also create a buzz among the respondents. Before purchase respondents consider some issues which based on their social issues and economic condition. Also consider the brand, new model, looks, fuel economy, and reliability are the major.


Furniture Brands & Requirement for Future Prospects

Currently, Bangladesh is producing a wide variety of international standard quality furniture. This allows people in Bangladesh to choose local furniture over foreign. Furniture companies that realize today’s consumers are savvier and more educated than ever before are thriving. Today’s customers are looking for items that fit their lifestyles, their personal styles and tastes, and those pieces of quality. All these factors play into their final decisions, and all within a certain capped budget. From the customer point of view, Local various brands are taking their mind, besides that established brands like Hatil, Akhtar and Otobi also comes to customer mind. Top-of-mind awareness is a special form of brand awareness. Quality/ durability and design are the most prior factors while planning to purchase, where a wife is the most influential person to select brand.

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